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About Us

Who are we?

Symplify is a premium brand of bespoke, handcrafted lighting and home décor products.

What does our logo mean?

Symplify Brand Logo

Three simple geometric shapes, the square, triangle and pentagon. Three basic colours, red, blue and green. 

The basic elements that define our logo signify our product design and development process, where we use simple shapes, colours and building blocks, to create bespoke, modern and high-quality products, to fulfil the ever-growing demands of an aspirational and vibrant India.

What is our vision?

To be one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of decorative lighting and home décor products in India, while setting new benchmarks in design, innovation and service delivery.

What is our mission?

To design and create an ever-growing collection of decorative lighting and home décor products, that showcase a simplistic, yet modern design language. Along this creative journey, we aim to promote the talents of local artisans and technicians and help them, not only earn their livelihood, but also grow with us.

What is our ethos?

‘Constant innovation. Outstanding workmanship. Customer delight.’ These are the three pillars on which Symplify is building its future.